direct food-source for soil microbes


Rhyzogreen® is designed to be a direct food source for the soil microbial population. It stimulates the microbes, which can then do a better job of converting soil nutrients into a form plants can absorb and use.

When a soil’s microbial community is stressed by poor growing conditions, such as soil compaction, excess moisture, or too little moisture, up to 80% of microbes can remain dormant or inactive.

Whether it’s corn or beans, small grains or alfalfa, hay ground or rangeland, the Rhyzogreen® science works the same. Feed those microbial communities. Stimulate life. Set in motion a wonderful natural response.

By hyper-activating the soil microbial communities and awakening dormant microbes, Rhyzogreen® unlocks and releases naturally occurring nutrients in the soil. This enables the plant to uptake more nutrients, and become healthier, stronger, and more resilient.

Whether it's for pasture improvement, hay meadows, or cropland, Rhyzogreen® naturally boosts yields. When a plant can uptake more nutrients, its root mass and emergence increases, ultimately impacting yield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rhyzogreen® costs approximately $22 USD per acre but this varies with quantity discounts and passes required.

Blend recommended amounts with 5-25 gallons of water per acre for foliar application or a minimum of 2 gallons of water per acre for in-furrow application. For best results foliar applications should be made in the morning hours when the air is cool.

Alfalfa - 1 gallon per 5 acres. Foliar - Early spring after greenup and between cuttings after plants have started showing a minimum of 2"-3" of regrowth.
Grazing Pastures - 1 gallon per 5 acres. Foliar - Early spring after greenup. For best performance repeat application every 90 days during active growing season.
Small Grain - 1 gallon per 5 acres. Foliar - No earlier than 3 leaf stage.
Corn & Sunflowers - 1 gallon per 5 acres. In-furrow or foliar - No earlier than 3 leaf stage.
Potatoes - 1 gallon per 5 acres. In-furrow or foliar twice a year.
Soybeans - 1 gallon per 5 acres. In-furrow or foliar - No earlier than second trifoliate stage.
Sugar Beets - 1 gallon per 5 acres. Foliar - Apply first pass as soon as possible after 4 leaf stage and again 8-10 days later. For in-furrow application apply 1 gallon per 5 acres followed by 1 gallon per 5 acres foliar around the 6-8 leaf stage.
Yard Grass Receiving Continuous Mowing - 4 gallons per 5 acres. Foliar - Early spring after greenup. For best performance repeat application every 30 days during active growing season.
Vegetables - 2 gallons per 5 acres. Foliar - At 20 to 30-day intervals throughout growing season. For hand spraying mix 2-10 oz per gallon of water.
Fruit Trees - 5 gallons per 5 acres. Foliar - 3 times per crop cycle - Before flowering, early fruit stage and mid fruit stage.
*Note 1 gallon per 5 acres = 25.6 oz per acre*

It is not recommended to apply Rhyzogreen® in temperatures colder than 40°F or hotter than 90°F. A light frost of 1 or 2 degrees below freezing will not normally harm most plants and spraying can be resumed later in the day as long as daytime high is forecasted to reach at least 45°F. Ideal temperatures to apply Rhyzogreen® are between 50°F and 80°F.

Typically 1/5 of a gallon/acre. An easy way to look at it is 1 gallon for every 5 acres. Consult the product label or your Rhyzogreen® rep for more specific details.

Rhyzogreen can be mixed with other products, and has proven in some trials to even optimize the performance of other products. Always jar test for compatibility before first use.

Rhyzogreen® comes in 135-gallon totes, and 275-gallon totes.

The application method is not critical. The key is to make sure the product gets either on the plant, in the ground or on the ground or so that it can go to work feeding the biology. Some common application methods are putting it in-furrow or applying as a foliar spray. 

There is currently no pre-booking discount available.

Yes! Rhyzogreen® 135 gallon and 275 gallon totes ship free.

Yes, Rhyzogreen® should be stored in temperatures above freezing.

Rhyzogreen® has been proven in field trial to increase alfalfa Brix (sugars) by at least 4%. That means the plants have increased proteins, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, minerals, lipids, and pectins.

Yes, it is safe to be sprayed on pastures/forages even when they are being grazed.

Rhyzogreen® is pre-approved by the AGA (American Grassfed Association), IMI Global Where food Comes From, and National Audubon Society. More to come...

Rhyzogreen® is not Non-GMO certified but yes, it is made with Non-GMO ingredients. 

we get it. you want data to prove it.

Rhyzogreen Containers

Available in 135 & 275 gallon totes or 2.5 gallon jugs

three simple steps.


To determine the best quantity and container style for your operation.


Product is delivered directly to your ranch.


Apply the liquid and stimulate your soil biology!

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