Jen Munoz

Marketing Coordinator

Hello! I’m the Marketing Coordinator at RIOGEN®. My goal is to preserve the tradition of multi-generational family ranching and farming by supporting Rhyzogreen® dealers and customers with educational content and programs.

I grew up in a rural South Texas ranching and farming town. Witnessing friends and family pray for rain during church service in a drought stressed season left a lasting impression. My mission at RIOGEN® is to help growers increase profitability and soil resiliency on the land they already have.

While my heart was always in agriculture, my career was in small Start-Up Technology companies. At RIOGEN, I get the chance to bring 12 years of experience in helping scale companies and hit improbable goals while serving the agricultural community.

I learned at an early age that you can achieve anything with hard work, a positive mindset, and service to one another. A note of caution, do not ask me about horses unless you have a comfy chair and some popcorn. Fun Fact: I love nothing more than the smell of fresh coffee and alfalfa in the morning.

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