How do Commercial Fertilizers and Rhyzogreen® Work Together? [Article + Video]

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Countless farmers and ranchers across the globe depend on commercial fertilizers in order to produce the desired amount of yield. But, what if you could unlock the naturally occurring nutrients in the ground, and eventually eliminate the use of commercial fertilizers completely? Not only would you be saving money, but you'd also be building soil health on your land and making it better and more resilient for years to come.

If you've been introduced to Rhyzogreen™ before, you may be wondering if you need to use other products along with it. 

When working to build your soil and plant health, it's important to understand how Rhyzogreen™ differs from commercial fertilizer, yet how the two can work together. 

The first thing to realize is that Rhyzogreen™ and fertilizer are two very different products.

Commercial fertilizers are what we like to call a direct food source for the plant. Over the years, fields and cropland have become dependent on this kind of input in order to get adequate nutrients and yield.

In contrast to that, Rhyzogreen™ is designed to feed the microbial communities in the soil. As it feeds those microbes, it stimulates and hyper- activates them. When microbes are more active, they have a much better chance of unlocking the unavailable nutrients in your soil. 

That's when the fun begins. Nutrients that were already in the soil, but locked up, are now unlocked and readily available nutrients for your plant. The plant then naturally absorbs more nutrients through its roots, and utilizes those extra nutrients to boost health and yield.  

Can Rhyzogreen™ completely replace commercial fertilizer, or how do they work together? 

The initial answer is no, Rhyzogreen™ cannot replace commercial fertilizer immediately. 

If you were to stop using fertilizer all at once, you would see a negative impact on your yields and the overall performance of your fields. Why? Because soils have become dependent, over the years, on inputs like fertilizers to help them reach peak performance.

Tractor in Field

But, don't give up hope yet. Thankfully, there are options you can take that will help you slowly build back the lost nutrients in your soil. Options include, but are not limited to, manure, cover crops, additional commercial fertilizer, or a soil microbial stimulant, like Rhyzogreen™.

Because Rhyzogreen™ continuously feeds the microbial communities underground and builds up their health, it will allow you to eventually cut back on the amount of commercial fertilizer you have to use (or eliminate it completely). Soil that is healthy, stimulated, and full of life is able to unlock more of the nutrients that are already in the ground. So, while the end goal of Rhyzogreen™ is to help wean soils off of fertilizers, it can also enhance the performance of those inputs you use in the meantime.

Bring back soil health on your operation, 1 step at a time

When your soil is healthy and your plants are healthy, it has a positive impact on your whole farming or ranching ecosystem. As nutrient cycling increases, more nutrients go back into the soil, your soils naturally become more productive, plant yield and quality increases, and ultimately, you have higher profits with lower inputs.

We'd urge you to take the first step. Start weaning yourself off of expensive, synthetic inputs, and begin building your soil health. Not just for today, but for generations to come.

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