You need results that pay.

Get more out of your existing acres.

Healthy Soil.

Healthy Yields.

Healthy Profits.

So, what sort of results can you expect to see from rhyzogreen?

30% increase in tonnage - avg. across 42 forage crop trials

Increased soil health 93% of the time

67% increase in soil microbial biomass (life in the soil) - avg. across 170 trials

97% increase in fungi (in the fungi to bacteria ratio) - avg. across 170 trials

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"We were coming out of a drought and late freeze... yet this is the thickest hay I've had in my life! I manage my soils to maximize the return on my ranch... WITHOUT a lot of inputs."

Applied to irrigated acres and dryland spring of 2022 and saw a 33% increase in tonnage.

With hay at about $250/ton, this rancher ended up with net profit of $207/acre, after Rhyzogreen® and application costs.
7:1 return on investment.

Mike Stark's Grass

2021 was a dry year when Rhyzogreen® was first applied to this field. As the grower shared, " was tough. Dormancy was already starting in the spring when we applied the Rhyzogreen®."

A year later in the spring of 2022, however, the results came through. "There was a visible line where it was applied. It had a much darker green color and a better leaf to it. And, the grass didn't burn off as fast. It stayed green and kept growing... I'd say 2 weeks longer than the untreated."

McKay Idaho

"Just made the biggest cutting of hay I've ever made on these circles. It's cold country with a short growing season and we had an unusually cool spring, so that should have put us behind in production. Our normal yield for the year is 3.5 tons. I've already got 3.5 tons on my first cutting so whatever I get on my last cutting will be the bonus... I'm expecting about another 1-1.5 tons. This year, hay is selling for something around $250 per ton..."

40% increase in tonnage. Fertigation application so next to zero application cost. 1 extra ton per acre, minus Rhyzogreen® and application costs, equals roughly a $220/acre NET PROFIT.

7.85:1 return on investment.

Nebraska Orchard Grass

Orchard grass showing a visible difference just 5 weeks after application in late spring of 2022.

Alfalfa field showing stark line where Rhyzogreen® was applied after the first cutting in July 2022.

Alfalfa field with severe bug damage, showing very little regrowth 2 weeks after cutting. First photo taken end of June 2022, same day as Rhyzogreen® & a liquid fertilizer blend was applied.
Second photo was taken mid-July... what a difference!

Treated: LHS | Control: RHS

Haphazard splashed application of leftover Rhyzogreen placed on grass in farmers residential backyard in summer of 2022. What a difference in color and volume!

(This is an unofficial accidental trial. But goodness, what a nice surprise.)

One of the first Rhyzogreen® trials ever performed... and it's not done yet! Rhyzogreen® was applied foliar to a portion of this field just once in the spring of 2020.
Both of these photos were taken 28 months later; the treated side is still much thicker, taller, and greener... after that single application in 2020.

"... that's 100 extra bales than we'd usually get! I think it makes sense for people to do it and I'd highly recommend it. It speaks for itself if you get that many extra bales off of it."

43% increase in tonnage.

In this video, we'll cover...

The mode of action

How much it costs

How to get it

Will you leave money on the table this season?

It sucks to take a beating from mother nature, the increasing cost of production, and uncertain markets to boot. It's time to hold on to your fair share.

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