You need results that pay.

Get more out of your existing acres.

Healthy Soil.

Healthy Yields.

Healthy Profits.

So, what sort of results can you expect to see from rhyzogreen?

49% increase in tonnage - avg. across 39 forage crop harvest data sets

62% increase in soil microbial biomass (life in the soil) - avg. across 219 trials

87% increase in fungi (in the fungi to bacteria ratio) - avg. across 219 trials

Calculate your return on investment:

Too good to be true?

As a family business, we felt hesitant to even publish this 49% tonnage increase number as it was so high that we thought, “Wow, this is crazy high!” And then what are the growers going to think? Will it appear as something that is simply too good to be true? So, if that’s what you’re thinking, we totally get it. The numbers are what they are based on the results coming from our customers, not our trials. So, the 49% increase is absolutely solid. However, if you’re still skeptical (like we were) let’s reduce the 49% increase by by 75% and run the numbers. A 12.25% increase on a historical average of 2 ton/acre gives you 0.245 ton extra production per acre. At $200/ton, this is worth $49. Subtract the cost of Rhyzogreen® ($28.50), and you still come out ahead with a NET PROFIT of $20.50!

yieldshield (2)

guaranteed alfalfa results program

We realize growers hate risk.  Yield Shield 2.0 guarantees you will see results (in quality or quantity) on alfalfa in a full season, or we will provide product to cover all the originally applied acres at no charge. This only applies to alfalfa grown in Western America. (See full details to view the map.)

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Will you leave money on the table this season?

It sucks to take a beating from mother nature, the increasing cost of production, and uncertain markets to boot. It's time to hold on to your fair share.

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