Rhyzogreen Trial Results

”I have used many different products in the biological space over the years, and based on what I’ve seen with Rhyzogreen® I’d say it’s superior to anything I’ve used or sold in the past. Using solutions like this allows you to cut down on nitrogen use by 15% easy.”

Del Ficke

Del Ficke

Pleasant Dale, NE

”I truly believe nitrogen is not our limiting factor. Unlocking the Fertility we already have is the problem. We’ve used Rhyzogreen® this year and with the yields I’ve seen on both corn and soybeans I will use it again next year, on every acre!”

Jason Grage 1

Jason Grage

Remsen, IA

2021 Yield Data Chart

Watch Corn treated at seeding!

How does Rhyzogreen® compare to starter fertilizer for impacting crop emergence? See for yourself! In these time-lapses, we performed trials with soil, temperature, and moisture constant. We planted 2 seeds, applied Rhyzogreen® to one, and starter fertilizer to the other. Watch them grow side by side and check out the difference in roots and emergence!

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