payment options

You've got options. which plan suits you best?


120 DAYS

No payment, no interest

Customers enjoy a grace period of 120 days with no payments and zero interest.

The payment is due in full at the end of 120 days; otherwise, interest starts accruing at Prime +11.9%.


'harvest terms'

(Prime minus one)

The current Prime rate is 8.5%, resulting in a initial interest rate of 7.5% from the commencement of the transaction. This option provides nearly a full year before payment is required.

Transactions initiated after September 1st have payments due by December of the following year.

While transactions initiated after January 1st have payments due by December of the current year.

This option is designed to be more favorable compared to traditional bank loans, such as an operating note or line of credit which can run roughly 9% or 11% interest.

JDF Harvest Terms Diagram

yieldshield (2)

guaranteed alfalfa results program

We realize growers hate risk.  Yield Shield 2.0 guarantees you will see results (in quality or quantity) on alfalfa in a full season, or we will provide product to cover all the originally applied acres at no charge. This only applies to alfalfa grown in Western America. (See full details to view the map.)

get more out of what you've already got.

Increase Tonnage by 20-30%

Stimulate your soil biology to aid plant health and increase production!

Increase Your Fertilizer ROI

Unlock existing nutrients in the soil, plus get more out of the fertilizer you do apply.

Increase Profits

Get more production off of your existing acres & increase your profit per acre.

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