• A fellow farmer with 600+ acres
  • You have personally referred Rhyzogreen®
  • You have let us know by calling (888) 507-0122 or filling out the form below
  • They are expecting our call to discuss the product further

How do the rewards work?

The number of folks you refer is cumulative. So, you'll get each gift as you cross each tier. Pretty cool, huh? Fill out the short form below to have us reach out, and we'll get your reward in the mail.

Size up your rewards...

Tier 1

1 referral

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug

Riogen Yeti Half Gallon Jug

Tier 2

3 referrals

Flannel-Lined waxed trucker jacket

Waxed Canvas Jacket Cutout

Tier 3

5 referrals

DeWalt Radio & Battery Charger

Dewalt Radio Charger Cutout

Tier 4

10 referrals

Yeti Tundra 75 Hard Cooler

How do the rewards work?

  • The farm/farmer has 600+ farmed acres
  • You have personally referred Rhyzogreen® to the farmer by sharing what you have seen on your operation and discussed what Rhyzogreen® could do for their operation
  • You have submitted accurate contact information so we can reach out to further discuss Rhyzogreen® with them

Referral Program FAQ'S

Can the person I refer work for a farming operation?

The person you refer must have the need for Rhyzogreen® and the power/influence to make a decision about their soil health products. 

Do I have to know the person I refer?

Well it's kinda tough to refer someone you don't know, so yes. The referral program works on the basis of you talking to and recommending the Rhyzogreen® product to a friend/neighbor/farmer, so you must have talked to the person you refer.  

What information do I need to provide for the person I refer?

Their first & last name, phone number, number of acres, and any other details about the referral.

How much will the person I refer be contacted?

We will work with the referral you submit to provide them with information about the Rhyzogreen® product and to learn about their operation to see if we are a fit. The name you submit will receive marketing from Riogen® unless they opt out of marketing.

How will the person I refer be contacted?

We will work with the referral you submit to determine what method of contact works best for them.  We will either call, text or email them. 

Can I refer someone in my family?

Yes, if they are running a separate farming operation they would be eligible to refer.

What if the person I refer is already a Rhyzogreen® customer?

The referral program is only valid for prospective Rhyzogreen® users.  So if you refer someone who already buys Rhyzogreen®, it does not qualify for the referral program.

Is there an age requirement?


Can I refer people if I'm a Riogen® Dealer or Employee?

No, Riogen® dealers or employees are not eligible for the referral program.

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