Refer friends and get money rewards.

Are you seeing results and boosting your bottom line with Rhyzogreen®?  Do you have friends or fellow farmers that could benefit from Rhyzogreen®?  Show some neighborly love and recommend a friend.

It's fast and easy.

    1.  Share with fellow growers how Rhyzogreen® has helped you, what results you have seen.
      (In view of the grower feeling most comfortable, we do ask that you talk to the grower before filling out the form here)
    2. Fill out the forms with your referral's information.
    3. They become interested, learn more about Rhyzogreen™, and become a Riogen™ customer
    4. You earn $0.50 per acre on their first order, if they order 135 gallons or more. (This applies to their first order only)
    5. This can be done repeatedly on as many growers as you want – no limit!

It’s actually quite easy, and you will get well rewarded. Of course you can do the math, if you get 2,500 acres on, you get a $1250 check, or 5,000 acres, you get a $2500 check!!! And the good news is that your neighbor will likely trust you more than any person trying to “sell him on something”. It has worked very well in the past for our customers to supplement their income simply by spreading the word!

We look forward to watching the benefits of Rhyzogreen® spread throughout your community.

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