about us.

We're a family business that's passionate about bringing prosperity back into agriculture. Agriculture is part of a system that should be holistic, functioning, and future-proof. Regenerate your land. Ensure your operation is profitable. Leave your operation ready for the next generation.

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the story.

It all started with feeding the bugs. The rumen bugs. Of a cow. But when the founder of Riomax® livestock supplements discovered the correlation between feeding the microbes in the rumen of a cow and feeding the microbes in the soil, it was like a lightbulb turned on.

Riomax® has been stimulating and hyper-activating rumen microbes in livestock for 2 decades. Now, Rhyzogreen® is doing the same thing in the soil. It's exactly the same concept: helping farmers & ranchers get more out of what they've already got.

why riogen?

Our number one focus is to bring profitability back into agriculture. Over the past few decades, farmers have become increasingly dependent on expensive synthetic inputs. Unfortunately, these inputs often come with unintended negative consequences.

So how do we plan to reverse the trend? It starts with something we call the 4 healthy's: healthy soil, healthy crop, healthy yields, healthy ag business. When we start focusing on improving the soil, everything else falls into place. Feed those microbial communities. Stimulate life. Set in motion a wonderful natural response.


our mission

we are results-oriented and obsess ourselves over the needs of the people we serve: the farmer.

"we need to work together with you to build a more resilient farming system... with healthier soils, healthier plants, healthier yields, and healthier profits, it's a system that is less dependent on expensive synthetic inputs."

- Trevor Greenfield | Founder
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