What does Rhyzogreen® do? [Article + Video]

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If we asked a roomful of farmers and ranchers, 'Are you interested in regenerative ag and improving your soil health?' We might get mixed replies.

Regenerative ag is a rapidly growing trend in the industry, but not everyone feels that it is important or necessary. And that's okay! We understand that you may not feel it's not a fit for your operation.

But what if we asked you this: 'Are you interested in improving the yield and plant quality of your land?' Assuming that all farmers and ranchers do want increased yield, and improved quality of that yield, the answer should be a resounding 'yes'!

But doesn't that take years to improve? In order to make a noticeable impact on yield and plant quality on your operation, it does first require enhancement of the life beneath the ground - the very foundation of your land and plants. And it's frustrating to have to wait for something to improve, that's just human nature.

Bearing this frustration in mind, we created Rhyzogreen®. Rhyzogreen® is a soil health stimulant that is designed to fast-forward the process beneath the ground. The same process that is essential for increasing yield and plant quality.

So, what does Rhyzogreen­® actually do?

There are four main areas that Rhyzogreen® works to improve.

    • Soil Health
    • Plant Nutrient Value (brix)
    • Plant Yield
    • Livestock Impact 

Positively Impact Soil Health

It's common sense that soil health is directly correlated to plant health. Whether you grow row crops, hay meadows, or just pasture land, improving soil quality is the first step to improving plant quality and yield. 

Healthy soils drive healthy plants. 

The job of Rhyzogreen® is to stimulate and hyper-activate the microbial communities in the soil. Those communities are only then able to unlock more naturally-occurring nutrients in the soil and make them readily available for the plants to uptake. That, essentially, is what improves plant resilience, plant growth, and plant yield.

Even in our very initial tests with Rhyzogreen®, we were shocked at the difference between treated and untreated ground. Microbial biomass in the treated plot was 131% higher than just thirty feet away, in the untreated plot. 

But, you may be wondering… what does microbial biomass mean for you? Microbial biomass is an incredibly important metric of healthy soil. In turn, healthy soil is essential for improving: 

A) Carbon Sequestration  

B) Plant Health 

C) Water Retention

These are all extremely important aspects of improving your soils, and more importantly, they directly impact positive results like plant quality and yield.

Improve Plant Nutrient Value

When there are more nutrients available in the soil for the plants to use, it's only evident that the plant's nutrient value will increase.

In a similar trial to the one mentioned above, we tested the plant's nutrient density, or Brix. The plants that were treated with Rhyzogreen® had 4% nutrient value than the untreated plants. 

Microbial Biomass Circle
Brix Stat Circle

Again, what does increased nutrient value actually mean for you? 

Every 1% increase in Brix is equivalent to about 1/10 of a pound of daily gain on livestock. This is extremely appealing for those of you that run ranching operations, as daily gain is an important measurable of the health of your animals. 

Increase Plant Yield

This is especially important for row crop farmers. While nutrient value may not mean as much in row crops, the yield is an unquestionably important metric. 

On the same alfalfa test plot mentioned above, we measured the difference in height of treated versus untreated plants. The plot that was tested with Rhyzogreen® had grown 10% taller than the untreated plot.

Even better, results from a trial in Mississippi showed that Rhyzogreen® increased yield by 10.21%.

Hay Yield

Whether it's corn, beans, alfalfa, or rangeland, increasing yield by 10% is something to get excited about. 

Positively Impact Livestock

As alluded to above, every 1% increase in plant Brix translates to about 1/10 of a pound increase in livestock daily gain. Looking back to the trial in Mississippi - the rancher turned sixty cows out onto the harvested field that had been treated with Rhyzogreen®. 

Now, this rancher has roughly four-hundred cows total, and all of them were on the same exact diet, nutrition program, and supplements. But the sixty cows that were turned out on the treated field gained half a body score. This was very exciting to hear because it was a perfect demonstration of how plant health translates to livestock health.

Impacting the Full Circle: Soil Health, Plant Health, Livestock Health

Rhyzogreen® is known as a soil health stimulant. But, the best part is far more than creating healthy soils. It's the compounding effects of good soil; the effects that make a difference on plant quality, plant yield, plant resilience, and even livestock health.

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