Carissa Greenfield

Customer Care

Hey! I’m Carissa, a happy-go-lucky individual whose career unfolds in the vibrant realm of Rio. As a member of the customer care team, I find fulfillment in aiding both my colleagues and our awesome customers on a daily basis.

My upbringing was colored by tales of Rio, creating a sense of intrigue that ultimately led me to choose this lively family business as my workplace. Thriving on the variety of challenges and opportunities each day brings, I ensure that every customer’s encounter with Rio is nothing short of exceptional.

Outside the realm of customer care, you’ll discover my love for travel. The thrill of exploring new destinations and creating lasting memories ignites my adventurous spirit. Yet, nestled within my heart is a special affinity for snowy escapades, where skiing becomes my chosen avenue for both solace and excitement. The rush of the wind as I navigate the slopes adds a touch of exhilaration to my life!  

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