Duane Paskewitz


I am a General Manager/Co-Owner of Rio Nutrition. I am passionate about what we do for the agriculture industry. Creating and developing products really gives me a buzz! I feel we are making a positive impact on a larger scale by providing quality jobs and employment to those in the area as well as to bringing people into the area.

I come from the cattle industry – two generations of cattle feeding – became part of the business when I bought in in 2004. I ran the SteeleGuard fencing side of the business for eight years, being very involved in sales, until the business switched in 2012 and our focus became 100% on nutrition.

To this day I still stay in touch with reality on the farm – I enjoy giving my dad a hand with working cattle and sorting cattle with him. I spend a lot of time with my family including being devoted to the care of my autistic daughter.

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