Loren Block

Business Development Manager/Account Manager

I’ve always lived in Gothenburg, Nebraska. As a kid, I worked on our family farm. I am thankful to have that background of hard work along with its good times and hard times. For 20+ years, I was not working within the ag community; Riogen has given me an opportunity to come back to make a difference in agriculture and make our farmlands better.

I love learning what makes people tick, learning about their challenges, identifying needs, and ultimately helping folks see a solution. Agribusiness is about helping each other overcome adversity through relationships that add value and having common goals. Your business is farming, but farming is also your life. My goal is to help your farm yield more and its land work better. That, I believe, will help you succeed in life.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys. We love traveling as a family and have travelled to Australia together to see my wife’s family.  I love to garden, cook, volunteer for school activities, and give back to the wonderful community we are blessed to have.

I look forward to talking with you about your farm operation. Let’s regenerate the passion for agriculture!

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