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discussion points:

  • Fertilizer optimization (start your ngens)
  • 2022 row crop predictive & actual yield data
  • 2022 forage crop data
  • crop residue breakdown
  • what soil microbial biomass means for farmers & ranchers
  • 2023 pre-booking

expert speakers:


Laura Decker

President, microBIOMETER


Glen Killion

Rhyzogreen® Researcher & Dealer

andy thompson

Andy Thompson

Proven Ag Solutions

Healthy Soil.

Healthy Plants.

Healthy Yields.

Healthy Profits.

Expensive Inputs & Poor Soil Health don't make you money, do they?

What if you could stimulate the soil biology you already have... to release more of the nutrients you already have? Optimize what you already have to take back control of your profitability and leave the land better than you found it.

Put your soil back to work.

Reduce your dependence on expensive fertilizers... without sacrificing yield.

Decrease Fertilizer Use

Healthier soil means you're getting more out of the fertilizer you do have to apply.

Increase Soil Health

Stimulated soil biology equates to healthier soils sooner.

Aid Plant Emergence

Healthy soils enable plants to emerge faster without the use of synthetic inputs.

take the first step to reverse the degenerative trend.

talk WITH a Riogen soil health guide

Help us understand your farming challenges and discuss ways to decrease your dependence on inputs.

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Compare yields, fertilizer expenses, soil health, and more, to make sure you're on the right track to reversing the trend and preserving your legacy.

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