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how will your year turn out?

When it comes to input costs, some folks feel like they're "damned if they do, damned if they don't". What if you could optimize the soil you already have, increase your production capacity, and make more money per acre?

get more out of what you've already got.

Increase Tonnage by 30% +

Stimulate your soil biology to aid plant health and increase production!

Increase Your Fertilizer ROI

Unlock existing nutrients in the soil, plus get more out of the fertilizer you do apply.

Increase Profits

Get more production off of your existing acres & increase your profit per acre.

3 steps to get started

Let's figure out what success looks like for you

Chat with one of the folks here & help us understand your challenges and discuss ways to increase your profitability.

Crunch the numbers to see if we're a fit

It's gotta be a win-win. If it ain't gonna pay for itself, it doesn't deserve a spot on your operation.

Apply Rhyzogreen® & increase your profit per acre

Measure tonnage and soil health to make sure you're on the right track for today, and for the next generation.

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