Sara Meyer

Finance Data Specialist/ IT Coordinator

As the Finance Data Specialist/IT Coordinator I work with financial data within our business and coordinate the IT support for our team and IT planning for the business. Every day is different and challenging, which I love.  I am excited to be part of such a great team here at Rio, where everyone works as a team and is passionate about positively impacting our customers.

My entire career I have worked in IT in various positions such as help desk, coordinating projects with programmers, administering reporting software, developing new reports and supporting all reporting users.  I thoroughly enjoy working with a diverse group of users and help solving their questions and finding them solutions for their issues. I have worked with many different groups of users such as novice users to businesses leaders to programmers to gather requirements, so I understand how important communication is.  Problem solving, analytics and Excel are my three favorite things.

I grew up in Southwest Minnesota and graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Management Information Systems (CMIS).  My husband, Jeremy and I live on a farm site near Springfield, MN and have two daughters currently attending college.  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring on our side by side and time at the lake.

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