Trevor Greenfield

CEO / Founder

As CEO my job is simply making sure that we as a company align with the needs and challenges of the industry, and that we provide solutions accordingly. I am totally passionate about working with the sales team to ensure they provide real value to our clients.

Our people are without doubt our greatest asset here at Rio Nutrition. The team is no ordinary group of individuals…they are career driven and are customer-centered! As the founder of Rio Nutrition I feel privileged and humbled to be surrounded by this caliber of personnel.

Rio Nutrition is truly unique in our focus and our approach. Being 100% customer-centered means that everything we do is geared around positively impacting the profitability and sustainability. And seriously, that is what makes this whole thing so rewarding…it’s what drives me, and it’s what fuels our whole team.

Prior to founding Rio Nutrition I was part of a family business and enjoyed taking responsibility for moving the business forward and connecting with our customers. All through the years I have had to learn that people skills, including understanding people, hearing them out, listening to their feelings and seeking to understand their viewpoints, is a critical piece to creating success in all areas of life.

Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my family, relaxing with friends and proactively investing in personal wellbeing through diet and exercise. I enjoy biking, walking and certain sports. I participate in volunteer fundraising for education and enjoy supporting my community in different ways.

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